Two parallel worlds

Two parallel worlds

Oil painting on canvas " Two parallel worlds" Year 2018, Dimensions 60x70 cm Bucharest, Romania

This painting is very dear to my soul, and it is one of the most representative works of my interior self, which is always divided in two. It holds a lot of personal meaning for me, and I could write novels about it, detailing every stain of color, every line, and every dot that I carefully applied on the canvas.

I used oil colors for this painting, and I mixed them carefully on the color palette before applying them to the canvas. I used my fingers to apply the paint, which gave the painting a personal touch and added to the intimacy of the work.

The painting itself is a study in contrasts, reflecting the two sides of my interior self. It may contain contrasting colors, patterns, or shapes that create a sense of tension and balance at the same time.

Overall, this painting is a powerful representation of my inner self and reflects my unique artistic style and vision. It is a testament to the emotional and expressive power of art and the creative process.