December 2019

December 2019

Oil painting on canvas "December 2019: A Moment of Reflection" Year 2019, Dimensions 50x90 cm, Bucharest, Romania

December 2019: A Moment of Reflection

Description: "December 2019" is an emotionally charged painting that captures the turmoil and uncertainty that surrounded a life-altering decision I made. This artwork serves as a visual representation of the overwhelming thoughts and emotions I experienced during that time, with a sense of kneeling before an unprecedented and seemingly insurmountable challenge, my hands tied, and my head bowed, awaiting a resolution.

The painting's composition and color palette evoke a feeling of vulnerability and introspection, reflecting my inner struggles and the difficulty of making such a significant choice. The helplessness of the people, which cannot be adequately expressed in words, is embodied in the painting's poignant imagery, capturing the essence of that moment in time.

"December 2019: A Moment of Reflection" is more than just a painting; it is a personal testimony to the complexity and uncertainty that often accompany life's most pivotal decisions. As the years pass, the question of whether this decision was the right one will remain a lingering question mark. Through my use of color, light, and composition, I invite the viewer to connect with the emotional journey that unfolds within the painting and to find solace in the understanding that we all face moments of doubt and uncertainty in our lives.