Slatina Monastery

Slatina Monastery

Northern Light Painting Camp 2018 , Malini Oil painting on canvas " Slatina Monastery" Year 2018, Dimensions 60x80 cm

As an artist, I created a painting that depicts the Slatina Monastery, which is a beautiful church surrounded by nature. The painting features a blue background, which creates a sense of tranquility and calmness, and adds to the overall serene atmosphere of the work.

The Slatina Monastery is the central focus of the painting, and it is depicted in intricate detail. The church is surrounded by trees and nature, which adds to the sense of peacefulness and tranquility of the scene. The colors used in the painting are carefully chosen to create a natural and authentic feel, with subtle shades of green and brown to create a sense of harmony and balance.

As an artist, I used precise brushwork to capture the details of the Slatina Monastery, adding depth and texture to the painting. The intricate details of the church, including windows, and arches, are carefully depicted, creating a sense of realism and authenticity in the painting.

Overall, this painting is a powerful representation of the beauty of the Slatina Monastery and the peacefulness of nature. The blue background adds a sense of calmness to the painting, creating a soothing and meditative atmosphere that invites the viewer to contemplate the beauty and complexity of the world around us.