Oil painting on canvas " Roots " ,Year 2015, Dimensions 40x50 cm Suceava, Humor Monastery

As the painter, I created an abstract painting that depicts a silhouette of a woman made of tree roots. The painting is set on the ground and features dark colors, which add a sense of mystery and depth to the work.

The tree roots that make up the silhouette of the woman are intricate and detailed, suggesting a connection between nature and femininity. The use of tree roots to create the figure adds a sense of organic growth and natural beauty to the painting.

The painting is abstract in style, meaning that the representation of the woman is not a realistic depiction, but rather an interpretation that captures the essence of the figure. The use of dark colors in the painting adds a sense of depth and emotion, evoking a mood of introspection and contemplation.

The brushwork in the painting is expressive and fluid, with bold strokes and intricate details that suggest movement and energy. The overall effect is one of balance and harmony, inviting the viewer to contemplate the relationship between femininity and nature.

As an artist, I believe that this painting is a powerful representation of the connection between femininity and nature. It is an example of my unique artistic vision and style, and a tribute to the creative process and the ability of art to communicate complex ideas and emotions.