Oil painting on canvas " Daffodils" Year 2020, Dimensions 40x60 cm, Bucharest, Romania

As an artist, I created a painting that features abstract daffodils where only the flowers are clearly discernible. The rest of the painting is abstract, which adds a sense of mystery and depth to the work.

The colors that make up the painting are blue, brown, and yellow. The blue hues create a sense of tranquility and calmness, while the brown tones add a sense of earthiness and groundedness to the painting. The yellow color of the flowers is vibrant and energetic, adding a sense of warmth and happiness to the painting.

I created the painting using an abstract style, which allows the viewer to interpret and imagine the painting in their own way. The focus of the painting is on the daffodil flowers, which are intricately detailed and textured.

As an artist, I believe that this painting is a powerful representation of the beauty of nature and the expressive power of art. It is an example of my unique artistic vision and style, and a tribute to the creative process and the ability of art to communicate complex ideas and emotions.