Rural Symphony: The Haystacks and Fans of Romania's Hills

Rural Symphony: The Haystacks and Fans of Romania's Hills

Oil painting on canvas " Rural Symphony: The Haystacks and Fans of Romania's Hills" Year 2015, Dimensions 50x70 cm, Suceava, Humor Monastery

Over the years I have caught several haystacks on the hills of Romania, with different shapes and colors, in different seasons, made by different people.
In Romania, this work is done by people living in villages, where the community is closely connected to nature's rural life.
The painting is made in oil on canvas, presenting a haystack in the middle of the day.

In my oil painting on canvas, I've chosen to celebrate the rich tapestry of rural life in Romania by capturing the quintessential scene of haystacks and a traditional fan's head set against the backdrop of a picturesque village hill. This composition showcases the various shapes, colors, and techniques employed by the villagers throughout the different seasons, highlighting the strong connection between the community and the natural environment.

The painting is bathed in the warm sunlight of a bright and sunny day, casting a golden hue over the landscape and emphasizing the rustic charm of the haystacks and the fan's head. The lush greens of the hills and the earthy tones of the haystacks create a sense of harmony and tranquility, reflecting the deep bond between the people and the land.

"Rural Symphony" is a celebration of Romania's vibrant and enduring rural culture, honoring the hard work and dedication of the villagers who continue to preserve the traditions and customs passed down through generations. Through my use of color, light, and composition, I invite the viewer to appreciate the simple beauty of this pastoral scene and to be inspired by the resilience and resourcefulness of those who live in harmony with the land.