Oil painting on canvas " Craft " Year 2021, Dimensions 50x20 cm Bucharest, Romania

I created a painting that features many anchored boats surrounded by stone. As an artist, I used my skills to bring out the beauty of the scene and express my vision on canvas.

The boats are the central focus of the painting, and they are anchored in a serene and calm harbor or marina. The boats come in various shapes and sizes, each with its own unique design and features. The water surrounding the boats is still and calm, reflecting the colors of the sky above.

The boats are surrounded by  cliffs that give them a sense of protection and safety. The stone walls are rugged and textured, suggesting the passage of time and the power of nature.

I used a natural color palette for the painting, with various shades of blue, green, brown, and gray. The blue tones represent the sky and the water, while the green tones are a symbol of the vegetation growing on the stone walls. The brown and gray tones of the stone walls add depth and texture to the painting.

The painting creates a sense of stability and calmness, and invites the viewer to imagine the stories behind the boats and the people who sail them. It is a tribute to the beauty of natural and man-made elements in the world.